Superior Lacquers - Water Clear

These lacquers are composed mainly of acrylic and butyrate resins. Both of the latter have proven color fastness and color retention over many years. We proudly present them as the finest, most resistant, durable lacquer finishes where water clear (or the complete absence of) color is demanded. These finishes are designed to be clear in color so they may be applied over bare wood, light stains or pigmented lacquers such as the popular "pickle" finishes. The color of the lacquer will not distort or discolor the effect of the basecoat or stain. These lacquers contain UV absorbers and have been specifically formulated for clarity and good durability.

Uses: Used primarily by professional painting contractors as a protective finish over a natural grain, a light stain, or a light colored pigmented lacquer on new wood cabinets, trim or furniture. A good quality product for the furniture refinisher.

Application: Interior
sizes: Gallon, 5-Gallon
Color/Sheen: Sealer, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Rubbed Effect

Superior Lacquers - Pigmented

These super lacquer finishes provide enamel like results - full gloss, excellent durability and flexibility with a quick lacquer dry time. Excellent for both interior and exterior metal surfaces - farm implements, plant equipment, furniture, electric motors, etc. When used on interior wooden surfaces such as cabinets, furniture and decorative accessories, the results are tremendous durability, washability and resistance to normal household chemicals. The white's are quality checked for tint strength.

Uses: All of the pigmented finishes with the exception of the semi glosses and flats are full gloss finishes designed to be applied to wood or metal surfaces. Most of these finishes find an application as a decorative coating on sealed woodwork or on metal equipment or tools.

Application: Interior
sizes: Quart, Gallon
Colors/Sheens: Gloss White, Gloss Black, Semi-Gloss White, Flat White, Flat Black, Semi-Gloss Black

Lacquer Undercoater White (High Build)

A contractor grade product that sands easily and builds quickly at a low cost. Ease of application, appearance and a competitive price make this product ideal for the contractor who needs a quality White Lacquer Sealer at a low cost.

Uses: New interior wood trim, cabinets and paneling in residential homes, apartment complexes, and commercial offices. Used primarily to fill wood grain to provide a smooth surface for a lacquer topcoat or enamel finish.

Application: Interior
sizes: Gallon, 5-Gallon

Lacquer Stains

Superior Lacquer Stains are fast-drying stains that are completely compatible with most finishing systems. These lead free, non-photochemically reactive stains are formulated to enhance the natural beauty of quality hard and soft woods without obscuring the grain patterns. These stains are intended for use on unpainted wooden surfaces, new interior wood trim, cabinets, paneling, doors and furniture.

Uses: Superior Lacquer Stains are ideal products for new wood finishes, particularly when followed by lacquer finishing products or may be coated with conventional varnishes and polyurethanes.

Application: Interior/Exterior
Sizes: Quart, Gallon
Colors: Spiced Walnut, Ebony Teakwood, Black Walnut, Fruitwood, Cherry Mohogany, Bleached Mohogany, Pecan, Cherry, Neutral (tinting).

Furniture Finish/Bartop

The Bartop Lacquers are medium solids and high viscosity for airless application and are especially formulated to be hard and durable. The Bartop finishes are especially attractive for use on furniture and items that require a hard, durable finish.

Uses: An unusually hard finish for use on new interior wood surfaces that get much wear. Used primarily by painting craftsmen as a protective and durable finish for wood furniture and trim in both residential and commercial buildings.

Application: Interior
Sizes: Gallon, 5-Gallon
Colors/Sheens: Sanding Sealer, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Flat

Gem Glo

The Gem Glo Stains are ideal for new wood finishes. Gem Glo Stains are high solids, resin-based stains that are fast drying, easy to apply, and lead free. They can be quickly recoated and are completely compatible with our High Performance Finishing Systems. These stains enhance the natural beauty of quality hard and soft woods without obscuring the grain patterns. They have a clean appearance with an increased depth of color and vibrancy that provides interior woods with a distinctive warmth and rich appearance.

Uses: Gem Glo Stains can be brushed and wiped or sprayed and wiped with beautiful results. These stains with the exception of Bright White, may be sealed after drying for a minimum of (1) one hour, under normal ambient conditions. Bright White may be sealed after drying for a minimum of (4) four hours. These stains are intended for use on unpainted wooden surfaces, new interior wood trim, cabinets, paneling, doors and furniture.

Application: Interior
sizes: Quart, Gallon
Colors: Fruitwood, Dark Oak, Wild Cherry, Golden Oak, Executive Cherry

Lacquer Retarder

This high performance retarder is much stronger than retarder from other manufacturers because it is a pure solvent not a blend. A smaller amount of L61 can be used in place of regular retarder and that means a greater savings to the cost conscience contractor. L61 Super Retarder is specially formulated for use in most types of lacquers and is perfect for use in all Gemini Coatings lacquer products.

Application: Interior
sizes: Gallon

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